Most people don't think about the history of Barber Shops and the symbolism that they still use today. We all think of a barbershop as a place for men cut, groom, style or get a shave, however, historically barbers played a much larger role in society. In this article, I will let you understand the significance of the things barbers did and how why the symbolism they use is something of great importance.

The First Barbers

The very first barbers came from ancient Egypt where there were discoveries made of razors dating clear back to the bronze age. Many scholars believe that barbers were important members of society from the discoveries made by archiologists

Ancient Grease and Rome

Two other large groups of people that held barbers in a high regard where the Ancient Greece and people in the roman empire. They went to their barbers for the same reasons men do today. They would get their hair cut and have debates. (Or Gossip)

Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages barbers did much more than cut hair; they were also dentists and surgeons called "Barber-Surgeons." They actually performed surgeries, did dentistry work such as teeth extractions and performed other forms of early medicine.

The Symbolism of The Barber Pole

Modern Day

In the modern day, barbers still talk about the traditions and the symbolism of the barber pole and it is still a recognised international symbol for a barber; however, most barbers have kept the tradition of cutting men's hair and moved away from the profession of medicine. Some things still haven't changed and men go to their local barber to discuss politics or even last week's game as the Romans once did.